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Here we are. That's me (Mama Hen), Harry the Ape,
Charlie the Chicken and Michael, aka, theBIGEEL!
We started cruising back in 1985 for our honeymoon.

Here's a list of the ships we've been on thus far,
in no particular order:

Apr, 1993-Statendam/Caribbean
Apr, 1995-Statendam/Caribbean
Mar, 1996-Maasdam/Panama Canal
Apr, 2000-Rotterdam/Panama Canal

Apr, 1985-Song of America/Caribbean
Jul, 1998-Song of America/Bermuda

Oct, 1990-Costa Riviera Caribbean
Apr, 1991-Costa Riviera Caribbean


Aug, 1997-Dreamward/Bermuda

Dec, 1997-Sun Princess/Caribbean

Nov, 1998-Carnival Elation/Mexico
Nov, 1999-Carnival Triumph/Caribbean

In addition, we've done two cruises to nowhere, one on Dolphin and one on Regal.

I started cruising in 1976. Prior to Michael, I sailed on the old Statendam, Rotterdam, Veendam and Volendam and Nieuw Amsterdam, as well as the Queen of Bermuda of the old
Bermuda Star Line.

Oh, I forgot something....we travel with chickens. It all started with Charlie the rubber chicken. Michael had him given to him several years ago as payment for a favor.
We decided to take him on vacation. Then, we started passing him around to our fellow cruise lovers so that he might experience more places. Then, the cruises started
overlapping, so we gave people their OWN rubber chickens. Then, people started giving us stuffed chickens, roosters, turkeys, ducks, etc. until our family has grown to a population of about a GAZILLION!

We are now all one big CACKLE (Cruising And Carousing Keep Life Entertaining) family!


What's Next?

Well, I'm glad you asked.

We are soon to embark on the Alohahaha
CCotC! For the uninitiated, that's the
CACKLEr Cruise of the Century!

We're going on a fifteen-day round trip San Diego
to Hawaii cruise aboard Holland America's Statendam
with 16 other people!

Who are they, you might ask? They're people we've
met over the years, both face-to-face and via the
'Net, with whom we've become friends. We share
one common bond....the love of CRUISING!

Several states are represented: Arizona,
California, Illinois, Nevada, New Jersey and
Tennessee. We know some of the people, but we've
only "chatted" on the Internet with some of the
others. However, we KNOW that we're all going to
have a GREAT time!

If you would like to "meet" us all, and share in
this grand adventure, just set your sites on the
following Web Page:


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